Sustainable IITD Team 2014-15 Recruitment

Green Office invites Application for Sustainable IIT Delhi Team 2014-15 for the post of Sustainability Project Managers and Sustainability Executives/Team members.

Interested students are requested to fill out the form below. Applications and other concerned details will be subsequently emailed to them. Interview process for both the positions will be conducted shortly after the deadline. Applicant's interview schedule shall be informed to the concerned through email.


a) Sustainability Project Managers (10-12 positions)

[Eligibility: Currently in 2nd Year Undergraduates and above & also MTech, M.Des, PhD & DMS students]

Project Manager will be responsible for assisting Sustainability Program Manager and Green Office, IITD in planning and executing the campus green initiatives, projects and activities of Sustainable IIT Delhi. They will be managing the projects in their respective field in coordination with the team members.

1. Biodiversity Project Manager (1)
2. Website development and Maintenance Manager(2)
3. Documentation & Journalism Manager(2)
4. Film, Animation and Photography Manager(3)
5. Personal Relation and Publicity Manager(1)
6. Energy Policy and Planning Manager(1)
7. Waste Management & Resource Utilization Manager(2)

b) Sustainability Executives/Team members (18-20 positions)

[Eligibility: Currently in 1st Year Undergraduates & above or any person who are crazy enough to think that they can bring a green change]

Sustainability Team members will assist the Sustainability Program and Project Managers in executing the green initiatives and projects of Sustainable IITD. They will be also responsible for sensitizing IITD community towards Sustainability and Civic responsibilities.

The nature of work shall be same as above.

Deadline for submissions of completed form is Thursday 10th April 2014. Deadline EXTENSION would NOT be entertained.

Form link:


Sidharth Ranjan,
Sustainability Program Manager
IIT Delhi
Dr. M. Balakrishnan
Dr. V.K Agarwal
Dr. Vamsi K. Komarala
Green Office Committee
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi